The Man Is A Thief

by Josie McQueen

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released May 18, 2016

Tracked by Jesse Weygandt, Rene Rivera
Vocals Tracked by Dan McDonough
The Josie House Richmond, VA

Mixed and Mastered by David Klug
David Klug Studio Pittsburgh, PA

artwork by Jesse Weygandt

Lyrics by Aaron Duda
Music written by Josie McQueen 2016

All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Josie McQueen Richmond, Virginia

Based out of Richmond, VA - stemming from PA roots, - Josie McQueen is one of the hardest hitting and energizing bands flooding the music scene. With a sound that reflects true Rock with no frills, Josie McQueen is a power trio you want to know and hear as the voice of today. ... more

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Track Name: In my Place
Let’s start at the end where I break and I bend,
Just to get to the shape that I’m in,
And when I forget it’s a cycle I’ve set,
I go back and start over again,
And all I remember is feeling off center,
And looking a little on edge,
To be honest the rest is a bit of a mess
That I couldn't work out in my head

What was I to do?
Surrendering to you
What was I to do?

My oh my, what a beautiful noose,
Your lies never looked so good on you,
And my oh my what an innocent rouse,
Your disguise was just something to see right through so…

I didn’t see through your attempts to be nice,
Sip on the liquor and chew on the ice,

As it cracks like a smile,
A fracture in your face,
And I followed the walls that you put up for me,
To the end of the maze, where I thought I’d be free,
It was all just a lie,
To put me in my place


So take my hand,
Follow me off of this ledge,
We’re taking off,
So just keep up as we go down,
Take my hand,
One more step over the edge,
We’re flying high
At least until we hit the ground
Track Name: Rabbit Hunt
Muscle memory,
I remember feeling strong with you in hand,
Chased the rabbit down the hole,
Lost my balance, lost my soul,
You got the best of me,
I forgot that I’d been quite outfoxed again,
Bare your claws and make your mark,
Show your colors in the dark

And run, darling, run,
But someday soon our worlds will still be one,
And I started hunting rabbits with an elephant gun,
I started hunting rabbits with an elephant gun

Now I’m breaking out the heavy artillery,
Any necessary means to win this game,
Burn the forest to the ground,
There’s no hiding from me now,
So make a run for it,
I want you to be in stride when you go down,
And I might feel remorse at some point,
But I know it won’t be now


And after all that you’ve endured,
You could handle anything I’m sure,
But baby I’ve been wrong before I know
Track Name: Monster
You put your murder makeup on,
For your monster movie marathon,
And I know all of the queues that set you off,
An action’s worth a thousand words,
But when an action’s not a verb,
Nonverbally you’re telling me you’re lost

You love the feeling that you get when nobody’s watching,
With every scene you make I can feel my brain slowly rotting

And all your reconnaissansuality,
It feels intentional to me

I’d love to watch you eat your heart out,
You narcissistic cannibal,
Cause’ all that counts is on the inside,
And your insides are beautiful,
But I’m asking myself if I should be alarmed,
That I feel most inspired by bodily harm,
From the outside I know that sounds maniacal

You love the feeling that you get when somebody’s watching,
With every scene you make I can feel my brain slowly rotting

And all your reconnaissansuality,
It seems intentional to me,
Is this what you want me to see?
Born of a Jekyll, you can’t hide yourself from me

You’re a monster,
At least you want to be,
Just a product,
Of all my fallacies,
You’re a monster,
At least you want to be,
And I won’t bring the fourth wall down to save you,
Cause’ you wouldn’t bring it down for me

Track Name: Say What You Will
I do subatomic damage,
I need to be micromanaged,
So break it down so I can,
At least try to understand it

I thought it was just a given,
It can't be because it isn't,
Yeah I'm mad,
But we're all mad here

You can say what you will,
And you'll say what you can,
But at least I can say,
That I stayed til the end,
Don't ever say I didn't warn you,
I did my best to be there for you

We did our best to hold on hope,
We burned our hands to grip that rope,
But it's too late to climb up now,
And we can feel our arms give out

It's so hard to justify it,
Even harder still to fight it,
Find your courage now,
Or purpose your fear


I'm no Superman,
I would save you but I can't,
I would save you but I can't,
Who's gonna' save me?


I do subatomic damage,
I need to be micromanaged
Track Name: It Tasted Like Water
Pick me up, I'm just a pawn,
You can put me in my place,
There’s a reason we go first,
I would hate to see you scathed,
Kings don’t fight, but gods don’t bleed,
Kings don’t fight, but gods don’t bleed

Line me up to knock me down,
We’re so expendable to you,
And we are all free to believe,
Anything you tell us to,
But those who fight are never free,
Those who fight are never free

I’ve tasted sin,
And I swear that it tasted like water,
Cried out to God,
And his voice sounded just like my father,
And then he’s gone,
Left me nothing to do here but wonder,
The man from Mars,
Called to say that he wouldn’t be bothered
He said...

Don’t look to us for truth,
We’re just doing what the powers that be told us to,
And yes we fear our youth,
Cause’ they remind us we didn’t always fear the things we do

Holding on to the past doesn’t mean it was right,
We’ve got to let go of the dark when we reach for the light,
But about the unknown, how do we know what we can believe?
I imagine my imagination’s always going to get the better of me


And now I'm trapped inside a temple where the walls are made of bone,

And all I know for certain is we live and die alone,
But these walls are not as solid as I’ve made them out to be,
The only thing that traps me here is me so I say

Look to yourself for truth,
Don’t do it just because the powers that be told you to,
A constant search for proof,
Is the only way for certain you will waste your youth

Look to yourself for truth